Systematic Review Part II

How to conduct a Systematic Review?

Target population:
Health care professionals and researchers actively involved in performing a Cochrane Systematic Review.
Ideally, participants have already finished their protocol. This course is also open to authors of non-Cochrane systematic reviews.

Aim / Content:
This course aims to provide knowledge so reviewers are able to perform and finalize a Cochrane Systematic Review. It covers all steps of such a review:

  • Searching and selecting studies;
  • CritIcal appraisal;
  • Data extraction;
  • Data-analysis, including pooling data, how to handle and interpret heterogeneity, publication bias;
  • Use of RevMan Software

Participants are required:

  • To have finished the protocol of their Cochrane Systematic Review;
  • To have basic knowledge of systematic reviews (for example by participation in part I of this course ‘How to write a protocol’);
  • To have basic knowledge of the Review Manager software (for example, entering text for the protocol and importing and linking references)

Participants with a laptop are requested to install the RevMan software​ and bring their laptop to the course.

Hands-on experience:
The course consists of plenary sessions and workshops. Participants get hands-on experience with all review-steps. During the workshops use will be made from the RevMan software. There is ample time to discuss individual problems of ongoing Cochrane review projects with the teachers.

This course is taught in English

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