ChatGPT on Evidence Based Medicine

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Playing around with ChatGPT we asked the artificial intelligence app to write us a poem about evidence based medicine, containing the words apple, camel, and pipe.

A short version: 

In the realm of medicine, where truth abides,
Evidence-based practice, a beacon that guides,
An apple of knowledge, crisp and bright,
Nurturing wisdom, shedding ignorance's blight.

Like a camel traversing vast terrains,
Evidence carries hope, erases doubts and pains,
With each step forward, science at its side,
Fostering healing, with unwavering stride.

A pipe, an instrument of thoughtful reflection,
Inquiring minds find solace, seeking perfection,
Inhaling reason, exhaling doubt's grip,
Wisdom arising with each mindful sip.

In this realm, evidence takes its stand,
Unifying minds, a healing command,
Apple, camel, and pipe interlace,
Fueling the quest for truth's embrace.

Ten sentences weave this tapestry true,
Evidence-based medicine, its virtues accrue,
Empowering healers, embracing the light,
Guiding us forward, with evidence as our sight.

The long version: 

In the realm where wisdom's sought, behold,
A tale of medicine, truth untold,
Where evidence prevails, knowledge beams,
A journey we embark, on science's streams.

In this tapestry woven with care,
An apple, a camel, and a pipe we share,
Symbols of understanding, as they unite,
An ode to medicine's radiant light.

Oh, evidence-based medicine, noble art,
Where facts and reason form a perfect chart,
Guiding hands, as they seek to heal,
Empowering minds with truths revealed.

An apple, a symbol of knowledge's core,
With each bite, wisdom forevermore,
Its crisp allure, a reminder profound,
Of seeds of inquiry, truth to be found.

A camel, sturdy, traversing far and wide,
Through deserts vast, where doubts reside,
Patiently carrying knowledge's weight,
Through shifting sands, it stands innate.

A pipe, as a vessel of sacred thought,
Inquisitive minds, through which truths are brought,
Inhaling reason, exhaling doubt,
With every puff, clarity devout.

Where apple, camel, and pipe converge,
Amidst the quest, on evidence's verge,
Bold practitioners stand, their pledge held high,
To honor the truth, never to deny.

Through trials conducted, rigorously planned,
The light of evidence illuminates the land,
From randomized trials to meta-analyses,
Reliability shines, truth never disguises.

Yet amidst this quest, let us remember well,
That evidence, though potent, can sometimes dwell,
In the realm of uncertainty's domain,
Where knowledge thrives, despite the strain.

So let us cherish this art divine,
Evidence-based medicine, a beacon to shine,
Embracing apples, camels, and pipes we find,
A symphony of reason, to humankind.

In this harmony, we shall forever stand,
Embracing truth, hand in healing hand,
With evidence as our guiding star,
We forge a path, where wonders are.

So let the apple's knowledge, the camel's grace,
And the pipe's wisdom find their rightful place,
Within evidence's realm, we shall reside,
Guided by truth, forever unified.